Collection service

ICT equipment? We got you!

You will receive a confirmation email after registration.

We take your preferred date into account as much as possible, but it must be possible for us to combine it with other rides. If our schedule does not suit you or if there are special instructions, please let us know right away. We will adjust the schedule.

Disks are formatted by default. If you want to have the data removed in a certified manner, costs (3.50) will be charged.

As a supplier/participant you are responsible for drawing up the processing agreement. You can upload it if needed.

  1. The following applies to the monitors: no CRT screens (thick picture tube screens)
  2. The following applies to the printers: no cartridges present
  3. The following applies to the toners: only packaged in a box. So no loose toner cartridges, but also no empty ones. The empty toners have to go to the environmental street and we are not allowed to transport them!

Due to the health of the drivers, please put the items on the ground floor. Otherwise there is a risk that the driver will not take the items with him.

Fleet of vechicles