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City Deal connects 80 partners to promote entrepreneurship with impact

More and more entrepreneurs make a positive social or ecological contribution with their work. We call these entrepreneurs 'impact entrepreneurs'. For example, they are committed to opportunities for people with disabilities, waste reduction or poverty reduction in neighborhoods. In practice, however, these entrepreneurs encounter various barriers. For example, they often experience the laws and regulations of the government as complicated.

The City Deal Impact Entrepreneurship aims to reduce these obstacles and thus promote impact entrepreneurship. The City Deal does this by supporting entrepreneurs in several ways. For example, the partners in the City Deal are building a network with other entrepreneurs and policymakers, research is being conducted and knowledge is shared, and the City Deal offers support in professionalizing the company. We are also working on a better policy for entrepreneurs.

The moment and place of the launch are not accidental. Project leader Willemien Vreugdenhil of the City Deal:

“In the City Deal Impact Entrepreneurship, we focus together with municipalities, provinces, the national government and impact entrepreneurs on realizing a sustainable and inclusive economy of meaning. An economy that gives substance to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the SDGs.”

The City Deal focuses on strengthening the impact ecosystem by stimulating network formation, designing revenue models based on social challenges, focusing on the growth and upscaling of impact entrepreneurs and by making funding streams more accessible to impact entrepreneurs. There is a conscious focus on cooperation between impact first entrepreneurs and impact second entrepreneurs, who want to make a social contribution with their company, because both perspectives have a lot to offer each other.

The keys to better future

The City Deal follows three tracks:

  1. The Government Organization track ('licence to break')Breaking through the 'box to wall' feeling of entrepreneurs by working from municipalities with a team of brokers with a mandate that transcends departments and domains to work together with impact entrepreneurs on social goals to realise.
  2. The counter and network track ('connecting the dots')Increasing awareness of existing schemes and support for impact-first entrepreneurs and increasing knowledge about impact entrepreneurship among regular SMEs. This is done by strengthening networks of impact entrepreneurs, connecting existing national and regional counters and SME networks and promoting cooperation between impact entrepreneurs and regular SMEs.
  3. The financial track ('It takes two to tango')Making access to financing flows from government funds visible and accessible to impact first and impact second entrepreneurs, for example by focusing on result financing. In this way, two parties come together to a nice 'tango': the impact entrepreneurs are supported in submitting well-founded applications and the funds see how socially responsible commissioning can be implemented in practice.

The fact that impact entrepreneurship is a prominent theme that offers opportunities is evident from the record number of participating parties: no fewer than 80 parties are uniting in this deal – municipalities, provinces, ministries, implementing organisations, knowledge institutions, intermediaries, financiers, consultancy firms and, of course, impact entrepreneurs. A complete overview is included at the bottom of this message and can be found on the City Deal page on AgendaStad.nl, where you can read more about this deal. In this City Deal, the parties will jointly commit themselves over the next three years to supporting entrepreneurs who contribute to broad prosperity in society.

About the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals set by the United Nations to make the world a better place by 2030. They form a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. Read more about the SDGs on SDGNederland.nl.

Over City Deals

City Deals are an administrative innovation, initiated by the Agenda Stad programme. In City Deals, various governments work together and with social partners and private parties on innovative solutions for complex urban issues. This collaboration stimulates understanding, decompartmentalization and knowledge exchange and offers scope for experimentation and substantiation for amendment of laws and regulations. The City Deal approach has been praised as a powerful example of administrative innovation in various studies by, among others, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, NSOB and Utrecht University. In 2019, City Deals was awarded a Best Practice certificate during the European Public Sector Awards.

Partners City Deal Impact Entrepreneurship

Central government

  • Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment


  • Province of North Brabant
  • Province of Overijssel


  • Apeldoorn
  • The Hague
  • Groningen
  • Haarlem
  • Utrecht
  • Sittard-Geleen
  • Emmen
  • Delft
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Amersfoort
  • Breda

Education institutions

  • Utrecht University
  • Nyenrode University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • University of Applied Sciences
  • NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
  • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Impact Entrepreneurs

  • The Bridging Company
  • Well Decommissioned
  • Atelier Jungles
  • Fun Forest
  • Koeckebackers
  • Copiatek Scan & Computer Solution BV
  • Bureau Raakt
  • Raw Paints
  • We are Meo
  • Vanhulley
  • Breedweer
  • Green Fox Social Return
  • Impower, Social Impact Company
  • ICQ Group
  • ARGO 360
  • True Price
  • Impact Institute
  • True Price Foundation
  • Impact Economy Foundation
  • Kari's Crackers
  • The Lagom Group
  • Plek Apeldoorn
  • Haagse Zwam

Financiers and funds

  • Rabobank Nederland
  • Social Impact Fund Rotterdam
  • Stadmakersfonds
  • FNO – Create opportunities

Consultancy firms

  • Deloitte
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers BV
  • KplusV BV
  • RONT Management Consultants
  • Spectrum Elan
  • Avance Impact


  • Stichting MVO Nederland
  • De Normaalste Zaak
  • Social Enterprise NL
  • Impact North
  • Impact East
  • Stadsgarage Haarlem/Kennemerland
  • Social Club The Hague
  • For good Agency Rotterdam
  • Impact Hub Amsterdam
  • Performance Ladder Social Entrepreneurship
  • Code Social Enterprises
  • Association National Partnership Active Residents
  • Platform31
  • National Network of Social Cooperative Entrepreneurship (Lansco)
  • EEGA Group
  • MAEX-national
  • Social Finance NL
  • Starters4Communities
  • Buzinezzclub
  • Lucrato
  • WorldStartup
  • De Webcircle
Mardten de Bakker
CEO of Copiatek
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