Our goals

We wants to promote a circular economy by having depreciated ICT equipment checked for reuse or sustainable recycling.
Desktop computer

Responsible recycling

Copiatek is committed to the initiative of recycling or reusing your written-off computer equipment. This is done in an environmentally friendly way.Recycling makes a positive contribution to nature and the environment. Raw materials quickly become scarce and have added value. Setting up a sustainable raw materials policy deserves your attention, because more scarce raw materials are now above the earth than in the earth.

You may not just leave your equipment outside. Giving it to that male, who occasionally comes to pick it up, is also not desirable. It is very often completely unclear where the electronic waste then goes. In many cases, your old equipment ends up in the illegal export circuit, as shown in the above video.

“In 2014, a record amount of washing machines, smartphones and other electronic waste was thrown away worldwide. According to United Nations researchers, this amounts to almost 42 million tonnes. That amounts to a row of 23,000 kilometers of trucks filled with waste. Less than one-sixth of waste is recycled properly. The researchers point out the risks to the environment, as electronic devices often contain hazardous substances.”

At Copiatek, we collects all written-off and/or old ICT equipment from across Netherlands. The equipment is dismantled so that the parts in the extraction process yield as many new raw materials as possible. This gives the old equipment a greater economic value in the reuse of raw materials and therefore generates more euros.

We strive to recover 98% of the raw materials. As a result, raw materials such as plastics and precious metals are preserved. We do not do the recycling ourselves, we leave this to specialists in the field of Urban Mining such as Umicore.

Graph of recycling process

If the equipment is still very usable, it will be refurbished. That means cleaning the equipment and checking for any defects. If necessary, the equipment is repaired by professionals and provided with a new operating system, such as Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro or Linux.

Your refurbished equipment is sold through thrift shops and our web shop to people who cannot afford a new computer. These computers are also ideally suited for school-going children, as a second computer and as your computer next to your tablet.

Responsible employment

The Participation Act makes it even clearer that we must involve everyone in the labor process. Corporate social responsibility is therefore not an empty slogan. Many companies still see obstacles in the way, but we only see opportunities by building bridges between companies and social organisations.
The step to become a member of MVO Nederland and the Normaalste Zaak was therefore quickly taken. We are not alone in this, given the large number of participants.

Jessica de Bakker
Marketing, Copiatek
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